John-Alex Second




John-Alex Second (b. 1988, Stutterheim)
Currently living in Cape Town

What kinds of things do you most enjoy photographing?

Faces and spaces.

Describe your photographic style.

I like to think that it is subtle.

Photography is a lot about the journey. How has it influenced your personal life and the way in which you view the world (around you)?

Fundamentally it has driven my curiosity about people and space. Communication and dialogue skills are also continuously being tested and hopefully improved, which I believe is valuable.

Photography is also about capturing a moment in time. What is your approach to a
shot, and your approach to a new body of work?

It varies; environment and subject largely dictate the above. Generally, shooting street is candid and fleeting. There are, however, times to construct and consider more, particularly in studio.

Regarding a new body of work there is definitely an amount of research. Once I have formulated an idea, it comes down to making some images. If it works, I explore. If not, I tailor and adjust.

Is photography your professional career? Or do you work in another field?

No, I don’t get paid to make photographs. I work as a photographic assistant.

What gear do you shoot with? Specifically camera arsenal and film stock.

I have an everyday compact 35mm point and shoot, a sometime SLR and an often 6×7. Film stock varies between Portra, Ilford and ProPlus

Growth is important for any artistic craft. How do you stay motivated and enthusiastic about your work?

It’s important for me to remember that I am doing this for myself, it’s not something that I can force. If I’m not feeling it, then I let it go and see how the next outing or interaction treats me. Having said that, if people respond to it, be it positively or negatively, then great. Not being too concerned, or consumed with what other photographers might be doing also tends to help.

What are your influences? Please list other photographers you look up to or things that generally inspire your image-making process.

I’m not sure a list really means anything. I think everyday banality and excitement is pure and excellent.

What else do you enjoy? (Hobbies, etc – Any other creative exploits or interests?)

Walking around and watching people – how they interact with each other and behave is incredibly entertaining. I skate as often as I can.

Any tips for aspiring film photographers?

Shoot and figure out what you like. Get to know light.

What lies on the horizon (any plans for series, exhibitions, travels etc)? And what do you hope to achieve in the future?

To be honest, I don’t really know. I do know that I don’t want to do anything else but make photographs. If anything allows me this luxury, I will do it.

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All photos by John-Alex Second

DEAD TOWN™ | Film-only Photographic Showcase ©2017.


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